Project Overview

Project Overview


Green Lake Park is Seattle’s most heavily visited park. The concept for the park dates to 1903, when a renowned landscape architecture firm, the Olmsted Brothers, included it in a plan for Seattle’s park system. It was their vision to provide a connection in the city’s boulevard system that would encircle the lake and provide open space along the lakeshore where residents, even 100 years into the future, could enjoy nature and partake in a restorative moment of peace away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Photo of Green Lake by Steven Shaffer on Unsplash

Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool are located on the northeast shore of Green Lake, in northeast Seattle. Open to the public year-round, the center is next to a public beach and swimming area at the lake, tennis courts, an open grass playfield with two baseball/softball fields, and a children’s play area, as well as a boat rental and a concession stand.

To learn more about the history of the park, check out the video above with local historian Jennifer Ott.

Project Need and Benefit

Constructed in 1929, the center and pool facilities are now more than 90 years old. The current facilities are no longer able to handle the large volume of visitors who are there for water activities, to use the gym, to access hygiene services, or simply to use the restrooms.

In order to continue to meet the growing demand, Seattle Parks and Recreation plans to build a new community center and pool. This new facility will enable us to meet the diverse needs of our community for many years to come.

The new facility will include various spaces for activities such as aquatics, fitness, and arts, as well as multipurpose rooms for classes and events. Seattle Parks and Recreation is committed to building a new space that reflects the original Olmsted vision and carries Green Lake Park’s great legacy forward for many more years to come.


Predesign Phase Schematic

Site Analysis

Green Lake legacy and Olmsted history

Analyze overall site area

Identify site options

Program Analysis

Program needs



Concept Design

Select preferred site

Building and site concept design

Preliminary cost estimate

January 2020  —  September 2020 October 2020–January 2021

Seattle Parks and Recreation is in the process of selecting a site for the new community center and pool. Early project work and site analysis began in February 2020. Pre-design research and public outreach began in spring 2020 and will continue through summer 2020. The project team plans to identify a preferred location in early fall 2020 and present this concept to senior leadership in Seattle Parks and Recreation and to the public.

Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool design work will continue through winter 2021, with construction scheduled to start in 2024. We hope to open the new Green Lake Community Center and Pool by 2026.

If the new community center and pool are built in another location, the existing center and pool will not close until the new center is opened.


The current budget for the project is $1 million, which will support the site analysis and early design work.

Once the project team identifies a preferred location for both the community center and pool, the design team will prepare a conceptual design and projected cost for the whole project.